Derek Sivers
from the book “Useful Not True”:

It shows what you need to believe


In Harry Potter, there’s a magic mirror that reflects the viewer’s desire. What Harry sees in that mirror is very different than what Dumbledore or Ron sees, because their desires are all different.

Imagine if there was something similar that shows you what you most need to believe right now. It shows proof to support whatever perspective would most benefit you. Upon seeing it, you instantly believe it, internalize it, and act upon it.

Someone feeling sadly disconnected might see proof that everyone is connected.

Someone trying to create something might see proof that people will love it.

Someone feeling stuck by the seriousness of life might get un-stuck by the proof that our universe is actually a computer simulation.

Someone with a terminal illness might see proof of a wonderful afterlife with loved ones waiting — to feel joy in their final days.

We don’t have to imagine this magic device. We already do this in real life. We find proof to support the perspective we need. Then we believe it.

We don’t have to argue what’s in the magic mirror, which viewpoints are true or not, because everyone needs different beliefs for their different situations.